EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper

EMS Arm Shaper

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No push-ups, no dumbbells, and no effort! Simply put this into your arms 15 minutes a day to slim her arms!

Saggy, flappy underarm? With advanced EMS technology to stimulate muscles for effortless slimming.


  • Arm Shaping

Targets arms, and underarms’ fat and helps tone and tighten muscles in the biceps area.

  • Advanced Technology

EMS can accurately locate your arm fat and create muscle contraction for an effective shaping effect.

  • Effortless

With EMS to stimulate muscles so they define your biceps without needing to workout.

  • Easy To Use

Stick the arm pads in a loop around your entire arm and adjust to your favourite intensity level out of 4.

  • Quality Material

Made from high grade, durable and 100% eco-friendly materials.


Intensity Levels: 4 Settings


2x EMS Arm Shaper

2x Control

Note: Shipping Time May be 2-4 Weeks Longer Due to High Volume of Orders