Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag
Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag
Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag
Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag
Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag
Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag

Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag

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Save up to 80% your closet storage while keeping your closet clean and neat with our Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag. Our heavy-duty vacuum-sealed storage bags are made of multiple layers of protective materials to provide toughness and puncture resistance, making them ideal for long-term storage. Come in a range of sizes, but the small comes in just enough to fit 3 large jackets, PLUS they are clearly visible, so you can quickly find what you want.


  • Perfect Long Term Storage

Compression bags are great for organization and space-saving. By removing extra air and constricting items to the smallest amount of space possible, compression bags allow you to fit more things into your closet.

  • Strong Protection

Made of industrial grade and heavy duty materials, our double sealed vacuum storage bags' perfect thickness provides toughness and puncture resistance. Perfectly protects items from external factors as moisture, mildew, insects, odors, dirt or any other damaging factors.

  • Visible and Reusable

Vacuum Bags can be used over and over again, perfect for household organization, travel and house moving. With a clear outlook of the bags, you can easily see into the items inside without having to open each and one of them.

  • Easy To Use

Simply insert 2-4 clothes items inside the vacuum bag, zipper it up, then use an electric vacuum or manually suck the air out of the bag. Finish it off with one last seal then your clothes are ready to be hung neatly in your closet.


Size: M: 90x67cm, L: 110x67cm, 3D M: 90x67x9cm, 3D L: 110x67x9cm

Materials: PE+PA

Color: Transparent

Weight: 150g


1x Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag


1x Air Suction Pump

Note: Shipping Time May be 2-4 Weeks Longer Due to High Volume of Orders